I’m Teaching WordPress

Well it’s finally happened, someone actually want’s me to come and show them how to use something, and from what I hear theier’s suppose to be about 20 people showing up at the South Regional Meeting of the Catholic Press Association. One more thing to add to my resume, lecturer.

For those that are attending I will be re-posting my notes up here and on chrisabass.com .

Quick and easy iPhone App

A local company ‘Smack Dab Studios’ launched this app development service back in July. It’s a quick way anyone can get a customized iPhone app to market. Pretty cool if you ask me, and your probably not but I’m saying it anyway.

The service starts at 29 bucks a month for a hosted app that can have the content updated on the fly through their online app management system (AMS). I’m coining the phrase AMS if it’s not already out there AMS©®™ The Interactionaut.



Little Big Hats

My girl and her buddy with some regular but still awesome hats

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