Two food ideas I can get behind

About nine years ago two friends had a dream. A dream of the most extreme State Fair treat you could ever come up with. Something that would forever change the landscape of doughy battered deep fried culinary artistry for years to come. For some unknown reason those friends never investigated the idea but someone somewhere with a like mind set has finally done it.

Let us now take a moment to raise our grease covered hands to the idea whose time has finally come….Fried Butter. Well Deep Fried Butter to be exact is now being served at the Texas State Fair in their annual Big Tex Choice Awards contest.

For now you read about it at until shows up out there.

In related weird food news you will soon be able to buy the fabulous blood thirsty drink that goes by the same name as the hit HBO show True Blood – Tru Blood. In delicious O Positive (The O stands for Blood Orange). Check it out and add it to your cart at

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