It’s been a while

First off, I wonder how many WP blog site posts start out with the title ‘It’s been a while’. Probably too many to count…..

‘Writer runs off and does a quick google search’

OK, a quick search and I got back out of the first 2 pages of results 5 out of 20 were blog posts, and most of the others were about the Staind song ‘It’s been a while’ .

back to the subject at hand

It has been a while since I like at my last post and it says September. I could make the excuse that I have been too busy and that would be partially true. but it’s also true that I haven’t really forced myself into talking about anything and while others seem to be prolific in their ability to verboze (I just made that misspelling of verbose a verb, sue me) I have spent way too much time investigating the ‘Next Big Thing’.

Now that I have officially decided what the ‘Next Big Thing’ is I will start to be much more prolific on my write-iosity (deal with it). Here are my two hints. Something Old: Objective C . and Something Newer: GRAILS.

Anyway, lets end this with an ending that is probably even more used in blog posts. More to come.

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