Here I go

So, admittedly I watch American Idol. I know it’s not my proudest admittance but I did so because I honestly have hope for it. This year there’s a fair crop of talented people and among them some singer songwriter types. The problem with the show is it’s not showing any clearly defined change your head make your brain explode newness. By that I don’t mean ‘That was an amazing performance and I think we could really sell this guy/girl’ . It’s more like ‘That song and the way you sung it and the words that you spoke really really got to me and I see your pain and your hope and your desire out in the open and somehow, I don’t know how, you changed me’. I think it’s the kind of thing you don’t get from there. You only find when you stumble upon it, and when you’re ready to receive it.

Where is the genesis for this thought? Every now and then it happens to me where I hear a song that’s like that scent you smell reminding you of something from long ago. Like eating something you haven’t eaten since you were a kid and suddenly you’re back there again.

It really makes me wish there was something like that out there that could remind us all of when we felt the best in our lives and by doing so make us that way again. A standout example to change what we feel about the world. Maybe I’m too much the dreamer.

I started writing this about ‘American Idol’ but I guess what I’m really writing about is the ability we all have to become emotionally involved in an inspiration. We all keep our eye out for it.

What else have I been thinking about lately? Communication and the lack everyone has of it. So much of the time we listen but we don’t listen enough because there’s no time to. I’m calling time out until we understand each other. Stop saying ‘You don’t understand what I’m talking about’ and stop and listen to what the other person has to say. And most of all stop listening to the media. Start listening to your neighbor again. All of them, individually, are really down deep the same. We are all afraid, we all dream, we all love, we all lie because we all dream we all love we are all afraid.

Mainly, I just need to pick up my guitar, or sit down at the piano, and learn until I know.

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