Found my missing iPhone

So around about Monday of this week my wife was driving onto the parkway. Little did she know that my phone was sitting atop her vehicle. Since I had been trying to find it for the last couple of days I had tracked it to her car using my mobileme account. I searched the car numerous times but neglected to look on top of the car. Long story short at about 55 miles per hour on Monday it was sent flying to the curb lane on an overpass of the parkway.

I started my search that afternoon slowing down to 40 mph and looking along the side but I saw nothing. I looked again the following morning and noticed something but when I went back by and slowed down to pick it up but I was only able to find the case.

Wednesday morning I looked again and saw something that looked like my iPhone but when I came back by and stopped I found nothing. Then finally on Thursday I slowed down saw what I was looking for and stopped with success. I finally found the phone.

Unfortunately when I hooked it up to my computer nothing happened, no start up screen, no recognition from the computer that anything was connected. So I guess I can rule this as an unintentional iPhone homicide.


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