About ‘The Interactionauts – Speak Up’

The purpose of this site is to host a place for my words to flow out onto the internet until the internet starts to choke on them and I have to perform the Heimlich Maneuver (which I have never been formally trained on, but I have a pretty good idea how it works) and I save the internet and Al Gore (who as we know invented the internet) hands me a fat check.

About Chris Bass

Working in the web since 1996 I have acquired a balanced body of knowledge and skills.
My goal is to continue to develop my talents and work with individuals and groups who can learn from me as well as teach me.

I thrive on situations where a problem needs to be solved and it seems like every possible solution has failed. If you have a problem with something web related and can’t find the solution contact me and we’ll work together.

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